Zero Max

For nearly 70 years, ZERO-MAX has created innovative motion and control technologies such as servo-rated shaft couplings, adjustable speed drives and key-less shaft bushings. Zero Max has an international reputation for innovative designs that provide the quality, durability and performance required for demanding applications.
Manufactured in Minneapolis, MN  Made in the USA

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ZERO MAX CD COUPLINGS are a unique hybrid coupling combining the best features found in both steel disk and elastomeric couplings. Through its patented open arm design and use of rugged composite materials, the coupling offers high misalignment stiffness. Hubs are available with steel or aluminum hubs for single flex and double flex.
SCHMIDT COUPLINGS are designed specifically for difficult misalignment applications. The five different Schmidt Coupling types: Offset, In-line, 5D, Flexible, and Control-Flex which all provide a full range of design options for solving most misalignment problems.

ZERO MAX SERVOCLASS COUPLINGS are specifically designed to meet the precision positioning requirements and high reverse-load characteristics common to many of today's AC and DC servomotor applications. The flexible discs accommodate higher torque, high speed and misalignment without premature failure due to fatigue or shock loads. These couplings are one-piece assembly, lightweight and an ideal solution for a variety of precision servomotor applications.

CROWN RIGHT ANGLE DRIVES are designed for dependable and economical transfer of speed or power. Crown drives are compact and efficient. Constructed for maximum service life with minimum maintenance.

ETP SHAFT BUSHINGS are the ideal locking device for all shaft-to-hub connections.
POSI-LOK BUSHINGS are simple but unique locking devices proven through years of use. Their unique design and rugged quality make them superior to any other positioning/locking mechanism where keyways and tapers can either weaken or cause excess wear to shaft components.
ZERO MAX ADJUSTABLE SPEED DRIVES  are designed for use on a wide variety of machinery. Zero-Max Drives may be used as primary or secondary drives. The speed range is infinitely adjustable from 0 to 1/4 of the input speed under full rated load. Reversible models are available with reverse and neutral settings.

ROH'LIX LINEAR ACTUATORS are designed to convert rotary motion into linear motion and are ideal for positioning operations in all types of machinery. They are available in 5 different sizes from 5 to 200 pounds thrust. Designed for easy installation, Roh'lix Linear Actuators provide up to 100 million inches of travel life with near zero backlash.

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