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Since 1901, WINSMITH has been manufacturing quality speed reducers with engineering excellence. Winsmith has the broadest line of standard and modified worm gear speed reducers available to the industry!
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STANDARD GEAR PRODUCTS: WINSMITH standard gear products include many different ratios, configurations, and mounting positions. They are shipped from stock or built-to-order from thousands of stock or modified parts.

SE Encore Speed Reducer Series - Unique, powerful performance, the WinGuard epoxy coating system and up to a 40% increase in torque ratings.
SE Maximizer Plus Series - Washdown duty reducer, stainless steel output shafts and the WinGuard epoxy coating system.
The solution for severe environmental applications.
Winsmith SE Stainless Steel

Winsmith Aluminum Worm Gear Speed Reducers - Light weight performance featuring NEMA and IEC motor interfaces.
D90-Type DE Products - Double enveloping gear technology - high power density, high-efficiency, compact design.
Planetary Speed Reducers - WINSMITH planetary reducers combine high load capacity, smooth quiet operation and long operating life in a very compact package.
C-LINE Worm Gear Reducers - Legacy single, double, and triple reduction speed reducers.
Winkopp - A highly efficient and compact mechanical adjustable speed drive.
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