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I was going to buy online and be cheap, but instead found a good price "locally". Not only that, I found some of the best customer service I have ever encountered. The phone was answered by a real person who knew what they were talking about and was very courteous. When I described my unique situation and they weren't exactly sure, a call went out to their rep from AC Tech (they make the Leeson drive I bought) who even offered to come out to my house!!!

It turns out that most of my problems were self-inflicted (normal), but I couldn't have been more impressed.

The bottom line here is not only did I get a drive that was very close in price to what I found online, I discovered a company that doesn't send you on a wild goose chase when you call to get some help.  View online review

Dear Direct Drives & Controls,
The crew received the motor and installed it this morning. I have forwarded your information to our purchasing agent and hope that we continue doing business with your company as needed. I want to tell you again how much I appreciate your responsiveness to our situation yesterday. It was outstanding service. Thank you so much.
Sincere regards,
Judy C. - Business Manager, Tyler TX


Hello Jeff,

Thanks for directing me in the right direction. I had great luck! Thank you very much for helping us out. We'll be calling you the next time we need help with our application.

Again thank you,


Direct Drives & Controls has always provided excellent customer service for me, and I've phoned them more than a few times.

B. Milton


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