Shimpo Drives
Since 1952, NIDEC-SHIMPO has established itself as the leading supplier of precision gearing solutions to the industrial automation marketplace. 

Shimpo Nidec High Precision Gearboxes

These high precision gearboxes utilize planetary, worm and rotary gearing technologies. Each achieves the highest level of precision and performance within its competitive class. In stock availability on a variety of frames, ratios and input options.

Shimpo Heavy Industrial Gearboxes
Heavy industrial gearboxes include
Mechanical Adjustable Speed Drives and Cycloidal Style Gearboxes

Shimpo Rack and Pinion Systems
A comprehensive lineup of rack and pinion drive systems with exceptional accuracy, system rigidity, feed forces, torque density and efficiency.

Shimpo Nidec Product Catalog

Nidec Shimpo Selection Tool

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