Pizzato Elettrica S.r.l. is one of the main European firms manufacturing position switches, safety devices, safety modules, control devices, lift devices, foot switches, micro-switches

Pizzato Position Switches

POSITION SWITCHES  Available for every type of industrial machinery for applications in the sector of wood, metal, plastic, automotive, packaging, lifting, medicinal, naval, all over the world, ranging from desert to Iceland. Assembled in many configurations.
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Pizzato Lift Devices

LIFT / ELEVATOR DEVICES Pizzato Elettrica position switches are used since many years in lift sector, due to their reliability and quality/price ratio. Some of the items presented here have been selected by the most important multinationals lift companies as first choice products and therefore used worldwide.

Pizzato Safety SwitchPIZZATO SAFETY DEVICES Pizzato Elettrica has been one of the first Italian companies developing dedicated items for this sector, creating and patenting dozens of innovative products, so becoming one of the main European manufacturers of safety devices.

Pizzato Safety Module
SAFETY MODULES: CS series safety modules have been studied with clear aims of safety and reliability for the product.

Pizzato Man Machine Interface
MAN MACHINE INTERFACE Thanks to the recent introduction of the EROUND control and signalling devices, Pizzato Elettrica widens its offer in the man-machine interface sector. Created with the intent to improve the functionalities of the products already present in the market, the control and signalling devices of the EROUND line have technical characteristics so as to make the series one of the most complete in the industrial safety sector and in the man-machine interface sector. 

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