Nexen Brakes
Nexen Group, Inc.® is a leading manufacturer of linear motion, rotary motion control and tension control systems for a variety of industrial applications for factory automation. The Air Champ® line of clutches and brakes is the industry standard for rotary motion control and power transmission. The company's extensive distribution network serves markets throughout the world with a product line of more than 2,700 components and systems.

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Nexen Clutch Brake  Nexen CLUTCH BRAKES Driven Shaft Mounted, Metric IEC Flange Mounted, NEMA Flange Mounted

Nexen Air Champ Clutch Brake LSCB 44 Product Information

Nexen Tension Control Clutch  Nexen TENSION CONTROL CLUTCHES Multi-Caliper Tension Control Clutches, Single Actuator Tension Control Clutches

Nexen Tooth Clutch  Nexen TOOTH CLUTCHES Inch and Metric Sizes

Nexen Friction Clutch  Nexen FRICTION CLUTCHES Air Champ II ® Sealed Bearing Units, Air Champ® Open Bearing Units, Dual And Quad Plate Clutches, Flange Or Foot Mounted IEC And NEMA Clutches, Metric Air Champ II ® Sealed Bearing Units, Metric Air Champ® Open Bearing Units, Multi-Disc Clutches

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