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Now offering Browning Bearings, Couplings, Gearboxes and more.

Browning Products

Print our new 2022 Product Linecard for top brands including Leeson Electric, Baldor Electric, Marathon Motors, Nord Gear, Grove Gear, Hub City, WEG, Worldwide, Century Motors, Teco Westinghouse and more.

Belting, belt idlers, mounted bearings, electric motors, gearboxes, screw conveyor components and more! Products by Beltservice, Martin Sprocket & Gear, Leeson, Grove Gear, Nord Gear, Hub City and more.

Fast service with solutions for every application. Top brands include Leeson Electric, Baldor Electric, Marathon Motors, Nord Gear, Grove Gear, Hub City, WEG, Worldwide, Century Motors, Teco Westinghouse and more. 

Please be advised! Due to demand and the rising costs of materials, production and transportation many of our manufacturers will be increasing their prices this month. We're giving you this advance notice so you can order now to save a substantial amount on your essential parts!

6.9% Increase Effective June 7th

7.4% Increase Effective July 1st

5% Increase Effective June 14th

7% Increase Effective June 25th

5% Increase Effective June 14th

3.5% Increase Effective June 21st

Solutions for all applications including electric motors, variable frequency drives, gearboxes, power transmission equipment, mounted bearings, machine safety and more.

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Huge selection of drives from Lenze, Invertek, Leeson, Teco, Hyundai and more. Soft starters from WEG,and Worldwide Electric.

WEG Soft Starters       Worldwide Electric Soft Starters

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Products by Tsubaki, Daido, HKK and more.

Roller Chain Headquarters 2020

Extreme Duty Headquarters - September 2020
Motors, Gearboxes, VFD's and Bearings designed for your harsh environments. Stainless Steel, NEMA 4X, Explosion Proof, Thermoplastic, IEEE 841.

Severe Duty Motors

Leeson Washdown Duty Motors 

Huge selection of bearings, bushings, chain, couplings, clutches, brakes, screw conveyors, v-belt sheaves, timing belt pulleys and more.

VFD Headquarters - June 2020
Variable Frequency Drives (VFD's) from Lenze Americas, Fuji Electric, Worldwide Electric, Hyundai, Danfoss, Leeson Electric, Teco Westinghouse and more. Compact, General Purpose, NEMA, Washdown Duty and low/medium voltage for any application. 

1000's of in-stock options by Nord Gear, Hub City, Grove/Electra Gear, Winsmith, Shimpo, Worldwide Electric and more.
Largest selection of electric motors from Leeson Electric, Marathon Electric, Baldor, Weg, Worldwide, Teco Westinghouse and more.

Complete drive systems by Leeson Electric, Nord-Gear, Lenze AC Tech and Leuze Electronic.

Safety light curtains, safety limit switches, safety mats, safety interlock switches, safety position switches, safety controllers

Tension Controllers, Brakes and Clutches, Synchronized Motor Controls, Air Shafts, Ultrasonic Sensors. Products by Dover Flexo, Contrex, Lenze / AC Tech, Nexen and more.

Craft Brew and Beverage Industry - May 2019
Stainless Steel and Wash-Down Duty Motors and Gearboxes

Stainless Steel NEMA 4X Drive Systems

Inverter Motors, Gearboxes and Servos/VFD's by Leeson, Lenze/AC Tech, Nord Gear and more.

Happy Holidays from Direct Drives & Controls - Dec 2018
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Leuze Electronic offers an extensive line of safety sensors that are suitable and efficient solutions for danger zones and access guarding.

Maximize energy efficiency and improve productivity with Lenze/AC Tech, Danfoss, Fuji, Hitachi, Nord Gear, Leeson Electric, Weg and Worldwide Electric.

Best pricing on Nord Gear, Grove Gear, Winsmith and more.

We're Your One-Stop Source for Complete Drive Systems - July 2018
From motors to sensors, we have you covered. For over 30 years, we have offered quality product lines from leading global manufacturers.

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New Product Lines Direct Drives & Controls has acquired product lines from SEW-Eurodrive a world leader in drive technology and a pioneer in drive-based automation, Fuji Electric offers a wide range of component equipment and system products such as power distribution and industrial control equipment, Worldwide Electric the largest independent importer of electric motors in the USA, Motortronics a worldwide-leader specializing in the manufacturing of solid state AC motor controls and motor protection products, and Thermal-Edge solves the enclosure cooling and heating issues that your work place or industrial application creates for your electrical control panels. These lines complement our existing suppliers and offer more options for your industrial needs.

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