Leuze Scanner The ROD4-3X by Leuze Electronic is the latest generation in distance measuring and line profiling sensors.

         Fast Data Transfer (115kB)

         Improved Measuring Technique on glossy objects

         Much Better Dust Suppression

         Better Shock Resistance and Better Window Control

         Config Plug

         4 field mode and 8 field pairs


Leuze Scanner The KRT 3B contrast scanner from Leuze Electronic has the improved features of:

         EasyTune can chance the switching point at any time

         YellowBoost improve the detection properties in white-light scanner

         Three types of Teach-In for optimized process integration

         IO-Link is an industrial network

The Type 4 SF4C light curtain that combines high end performance
with an ultra-slim enclosure.
The LC100/120 series with a 50x50x15mm compact housing, offers
advanced sensor functionality, available with safety class 1 or class
2 laser emission.


The M18-L series of laser sensors provides stable sensing for high-precision,
and long-range applications. More than 48 models to choose from.



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