Founded in 1983, Motortronics is a worldwide-leader specializing in the manufacturing of solid state AC motor controls and motor protection products. In addition to having a complete line of solid state soft starters, Motortronics also manufactures electronic brakes, motor winding heaters, motor protection relays and offers a full line of AC variable frequency drives and accessories.

 Low Voltage Soft Starter  LOW VOLTAGE SOFT STARTERS  Our low voltage soft starters offer controlled starting of AC induction or synchronous motors reducing mechanical stress on the motor and shaft. Input voltage range 208 ~ 600VAC. Power range up to 1200HP (1250A). Compact Soft Starter, Configured Soft Starter, Heavy Duty Soft Starter, Advanced Digital Soft Starter, XLD Soft Starter (Legacy Product) 

Medium Voltage Soft Starter  MEDIUM VOLTAGE SOFT STARTERS  Medium voltage soft starters for controlled starting of medium voltage AC induction or synchronous motors.  Input voltage range 2300 ~ 15KV. Power range up to 15000HP (600A).  

AC Drives  AC DRIVES  Our AC Drives offer precise speed and torque control of AC induction motors for any level of application ranging from simple fan or pump control to precise winder control.  Input voltage range 200 ~ 480Vac. Power range up to 800HP. ME2 Series: Micro AC Drive, VCM Series: V/f and Sensorless Vector Drive, MT Series: High Performance AC Drive 

Motor Brakes  ELECTRONIC MOTOR BRAKES  Electronic Motor Brakes are designed to eliminate dangerous coast-to-stop times of rotating machines and equipment. Our brakes meet OSHA, ANSI, Canadian and other safety codes covering the hazards of rotating machines.  Input voltage range 200 ~ 600VAC. Power range up to 1000HP (1250A).  

Motor Protection  MOTOR PROTECTION  AC Induction Motor protection, thermal model "Motor Protection", "True" motor power monitoring and voltage, current and power metering.  Input voltage range 200 ~ 600Vac. Power range up to 2000A.


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