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Lenze i550 Series
NEW & UPDATED! LENZE i550 Protec Frequency Inverters

Slim Design / Scalable Functionality / Exceptionally User-Friendly


Up to 30 hp for 240V & 480V - Up to 3 hp for 480/600V

The i550 protec is the ideal solution for a decentralized installation close to the motor. It is ideal for many applications such as conveyor systems, packaging machines, fan drives and pump systems. Learn more

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Lenze i500 Series

Lenze/AC Tech i500, i510 and i550 Series

The frequency inverters of the i510 and i550 series support a power range from 0.34 to 177 hp (0.25 to 132 kW). 

i500 provides a high-quality frequency inverter that already conforms to future standards. The i500 frequency inverters are ideal for applications in the pumps and fans, conveyors, winders, traveling drives, tool and hoist drives.

Lenze i500 Series MC SMV SF Series


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