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 LENZE / AC TECH have the components you need from the load shaft to the load center. From low back-lash gearing, clutches and brakes to servo and induction motor control to HMI's and PLC's.


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Lenze Frequency Inverters


LENZE / AC TECH  FREQUENCY INVERTERS: A broad range of standard products for everything from simple speed control to complex; each with a wide range of functionality, small physical size and exceptional performance. The drives are reliable, flexible to apply, easy to commission, and meet the highest standards of quality.

LENZE / AC TECH i500 SERIES is the new inverter series in the 0.33 to 177 Hp (0.25 to 132 kW) power range. The i500 series has a streamlined design, scalable functionality and is exceptionally user-friendly. 

LENZE / AC TECH i700 SERIES is easy for multi-axis applications and are designed for controlled, dynamic motion.
Lenze i500 Inverter

All series of Sub-Micro drives (SCF, SCM, SCL, SMD and TML) will be completely discontinued as of July 31, 2022.

 LENZE / AC TECH SERVO DRIVES: For advanced control technology in the field of industrial automation. Lenze-AC Tech has the drive solution for you! Products range in power from less than 1kW up to 370kW for both synchronous and asynchronous servo motors. Easy to use software allows you to define your motion applications and provides excellent diagnostic tools for completing your design PositionServo, ECS Servo system, and 9400 Servo Drives. PositionServo, ECS Servo system, and 9400 Servo Drives
Lenze AC Tech Motors
LENZE / AC TECH SERVO MOTORS LENZE servo motors meet the highest quality requirements within the context of drive technology and feature a modular and application-oriented design. Forming an integral part of a drive axis, they are easy to install and enjoy a long, maintenance-free service life. The motors are universally compatible with the Lenze gearbox ranges. MAS synchronous servo motors, MCS synchronous servo motors, and MCA asynchronous servo motors.

 LENZE / AC TECH CLUTCHES & BRAKES Intelligent electromagnetic spring loaded Brake and Clutch Systems from INTORQ and Magneta as a part of the motion solutions package.

LENZE / AC TECH GEARING High-performance gearboxes and geared motors.

For a complete listing of LENZE / AC TECH products, find a part number, receive technical information, or to get a quote, please contact:

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