HKK Chain
Founded in 1916, HKK manufactures some of the world’s highest quality roller chain. HKK chain features enhanced engineering benefits to maximize chain life offering drive efficiency and durability. 

HKK Superior Capacity Chain

SUPERIOR CAPACITY PLUS® chains have a unique and patented process which increases the fatigue strength and maximum allowable load of our chain. 

HKK ANSI CHAIN precision power transmission roller chains are manufactured for high strength and long life. HKK solid bushings and rollers, specially treated pins and bushings, and stringently controlled heat treatment are only a few of the many features built into HKK chain. Suitable selection for almost any application.

View or download the ANSI Standard Chain Brochure & Specifications 

HKK HEAVY SERIES roller chains have increased link plate thickness to provide greater capacity without fatigue failure.

HKK E & HE SERIES are designed for applications which experience high shock loads. These chains are manufactured in accordance with ANSI & API (American Petroleum Institute) standards.

HKK SUPER & SUPER HEAVY SERIES chains are designed to provide longer chain life under severe loads. High-grade alloy steel and four point riveting provide higher shock load capacities. 

HKK DOUBLE-PITCH chains weigh less and are lower in cost than standard roller chain of the same strength. They are ideal for slow and moderate speed applications.

HKK Aqua Series Chain

AQUA SERIES II® are designed to provide maximum corrosion resistance while offering all the strength advantages of our Superior Capacity Plus® carbon steel chains. All component parts are treated with a two-step treatment process before the chain is assembled to insure maximum protection. 

View or download the Aqua Series II® Brochure & Specifications

AQUA-SERIES II® is perfect for...

Outdoor Applications
Wash Down Applications
Paper Mills
Irrigation Applications
Bottling Plants
Non-Contact Food Packaging*
Marine Environments
Mining Industry
Wastewater Treatment
Road Salting Equipment

HKK STAINLESS STEEL SINGLE PITCH & DOUBLE PITCH roller chains are used in highly corrosive and extreme temperature environments. All component parts are made of 300 series stainless steel to achieve the utmost corrosion and temperature resistance. HKK Stainless Steel chains are equipped with solid rollers. This unique solid roller will not split or deform like conventional split rollers. These solid rollers enhance durability of the chain, especially under extreme loads and temperatures. HKK Stainless Steel roller chains are manufactured in accordance with ANSI dimensional specifications. 600 series stainless steel is also available.

View or download the Stainless Steel Chain Brochure & Specifications

HKK NICKEL PLATED chains are used in mildly corrosive environments such as outdoors. Carbon steel nickel-plated chain is plated before assembly to ensure complete protection of all parts, while providing maximum strength with solid rollers and solid bushings to extend chain life.

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