HITACHI manufactures a complete family of AC Variable Frequency Inverter induction motor drives below 500hp. Four major product families cover a wide array of applications in the industrial, process, and commercial HVAC markets.

Hitachi SJ700 
HITACHI SJ700D  Advanced Sensor-less Vector Control.

Hitachi Inverter NES1
HITACHI NE-S1 (1/2 to 3 HP) Economical and simple to use speed control inverter solution.

Hitachi Inverter WJ200

HITACHI WJ200 ( to 20 HP) Variable Speed Drive with an integrated auto-tuning function for easy sensor-less vector control that realizes high starting torque of 200% or greater, suitable for a variety of applications.

Hitachi Inverter SJP1
HITACHI SJ P1 The most advanced inverter yet, with its new intuitively designed LCD color removable operator panel, this drive will serve your most demanding applications. The SJ-P1 multi-mode operation can be used with many optional cassettes to configure the drive to your specific needs.

Legacy Products  The products listed below are no longer manufactured, but service and manuals may still be available.  

J100, J300 (200 hp and below)
L100M, L200, L700
SJ100, SJ200, SJ300

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