ESA Automation specializes in Intelligent Operator Interfaces and IPCs/Industrial Monitors for Industrial Automation applications. These applications include data entry and display terminals, programmable interfaces for motion controllers and programmable logic controllers and complete machine control workstation solutions.

Panel Fanless Atom
Panel Dynamic Atom
Panel Dynamic C2Duo
Box XB300 Atom
Box XB300 Cel/C2D

XM7 Monitor (XM7W7, XM708, XM712, XM715, XM717, XM719)


IT Touch Series: The IT family offers a range of products responding to all needs, from the economical 4.3 screens with tones of grey or colors to the powerful TFT screens, up to 15 in size


IT INOX: IT operator terminals with STAINLESS steel front panel designed especially to guarantee perfect operation and maximum durability of the terminal in extreme and difficult work environments.


IT Keyboard: As an ideal alternative to the Touch screen product, the IT105K family is the first keyboard solution with integrated IT technology products


SC Series: Entry Level


XT Touch Open OS: The family of ESA's Operator interfaces increases its range with the XT products, the totally OPEN platforms for your embedded applications.

SmartClick: The free programming suite for the configuration of all the SC operator terminals.
HMI & Advanced: Polymath is the programming software of ESA electronica, developed in .NET technology with latest generation features. Equipped with a modern and complete interface, it offers a wide functionality range in step with the new requirements on the HMI market.
PC Runtime: Any project made in the Polymath Advanced development environment can also be run on PC with Microsoft Windows 2000 SP4, XP, Vista and Seven, as well as on all ESA industrial PCs.
Remote Access: You can now monitor your production plants at all times, without geographical limitations and in complete security.With the ESA Remote Access application, you simply need an Internet connection to monitor an industrial plant from any part of the world without any restrictions whatsoever.
DB Connection: ESA Electronica extends its Polymath range with the Database Connection package, the software license that can automatically export any kind of data from the IT operator terminals or from Polymath applications on a PC to the most popular relational Databases, such as SQL server.

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