Daido Roller Chain

DAIDO has been supplying the highest quality precision roller chain to the North American industrial and agricultural markets since 1951. The Daido line-up of precision roller chain products includes a complete range of Standard Drive Chain, the innovative D.I.D. New Tech Chain Series, and a wide selection of Standard and Specialty Conveyor Chain.

Daido Chain Products

ANSI STANDARD CHAIN, recognized as world class quality chain. The D.I.D. standard roller chains are available from RC25 to RC240.

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Daido New Tech Stainless Steel Chain

D.I.D. NEW TECH ROLLER CHAIN designed specifically for the demanding drive train applications.

ULTIMATE POWER CHAIN SERIES for applications where extra strength, shock load and fatigue resistance is required.

ULTIMATE LIFE CHAIN SERIES for applications subjected to contaminants or a lack of lubricants.

ENVIRONMENT RESISTANT CHAIN for applications subjected to environmental extremes. Stainless Steel.

LOW NOISE CHAIN SERIES for more comfort and worker-friendly chain conveyor and drive applications.

CONVEYOR CHAIN Daido Corporation of America is one of the leading suppliers of both standard and specialty conveyor chains in North America. The broad product range is available in many sizes.

Daido Agriculture Chain

AGRICULTURE CHAIN meets the various and unique requirements in farm and retail industries, Daido offers two significant lines:

D.I.D The world-class quality roller chains for additional insurance on the chain drive with the best available material and the most advanced quality control system.

TRU-PITCH Daido’s value line for roller chains and accessories offered at affordable prices.

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