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CONTROL TECHNIQUES, a Nidec Group Company, is a market leader in drives and drive systems and has a single minded focus on the design and manufacture of variable speed drives. Control Techniques has been creating ground breaking technology since introducing the first digital DC drive over thirty years ago. Control Techniques combines extensive industry experience, modular drive design, powerful technology and advanced tool kits to provide complete industrial automation solutions.

Emerson AC Drive  AC DRIVES - General purpose/full featured, High performance, Ready to use, Flexible power, NEMA 4X for wash-down environments

Emerson DC Drive  DC DRIVES – Control Techniques offers two DC drive series that enable customers to deploy productive, easy-to-use motor control solutions. Fincor single phase analog DC drives are available to 5 hp with extreme ease of use and reliability. The Mentor series is a reliable, flexible and powerful digital DC drive family, available both in non-regenerative and regenerative configurations. Quantum is a packaged Mentor with added DC loop contactor, high-speed input fuses, 115 VAC control logic and DC output fuses on all regenerative models.


Emerson Soft Starters  SOFT STARTERS - Our Soft Starters have been providing precise controlled AC motor starting and stopping for decades. We pioneered this motor control technology to limit the current to a motor on both acceleration and deceleration to provide a longer life to both motor and machinery.
Control Techniques offers a complete range of low voltage AC motor soft starters such as our pre-engineered crusher duty IMS2-4-1 & EMX3-4-1 soft starter packages suitable for both normal and heavy duty applications, plus packaged models such as our “Crusher-Duty” soft starters. Our soft starters feature a universal voltage input which can accommodate 200-600VAC, 200-400VAC and 380-690VAC 3-phase input supply. Modbus, Profibus, DeviceNet and RS485 options are available.
Emerson AC Motor  AC MOTORS - Designed for use with inverter and vector drive applications requiring up to a 2000:1 constant torque speed range. This makes it perfect for use with Commander SK, SX or Unidrive SP drives. The ACCU-Torq range of AC induction motors can be used for almost any AC drive application from a simple conveyor to those applications requiring the very best speed and torque or position control.
Emerson DC Motor  DC MOTORS - Control Techniques offers unrivaled expertise in DC motor and drive applications; our Mentor and Quantum drives together with our DC Motors provide a complete DC drive solution. We also offer a full range of  single-phase DC motors for use with our Fincor series of single-phase DC drives.
Emerson Servo Drives  SERVO DRIVES - Control Techniques offers a comprehensive range of motion control products. Including products for single, axis-and-a-half and multi-axis servo systems, designed to perform in distributed, centralized and hybrid control architectures.
Emerson Motion Control  MOTION CONTROLLERS
Emerson Servo Motors  SERVO MOTORS - Control Techniques offers a full range of servo motors in a variety of choices to meet your needs. The FM motor series is a high quality motor with many configuration and feedback options. The NT motor has an advanced motor design offering a compact motor with high torque and low inertia ideal for dynamic applications. The XV motor is perfect for cost sensitive applications that still require servo performance.

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