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Established in 1906, BANDO is a global leader in manufacturing world-class power transmission belts.
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SYNCHRO-LINK TIMING BELT PULLEYS are manufactured to exacting tolerances to assure total drive system compatibility. They are available in a complete range of sizes, types, configurations and materials to contribute to the efficiency, economy and performance of your drive.

SYNCHRO-LINK TIMING BELTS give unsurpassed efficiency, economy, and performance. They offer popular profiles, energy efficiency, low maintenance, a wide range of load capacities/speeds, space saving, clean and quiet operation. 

SYNCHRO-LINK SUPER TORQUE TIMING BELTS are ideal for today's high performance industrial applications with high power transmission capabilities, quiet and smooth running tooth meshing qualities, energy efficiency and reliability.

POWER ACE narrow profile V-belt transmits power more efficiently and effectively, delivering higher horsepower ratings than classical cross section belts.

POWER KING classical cross section belts are the workhorse in the industry.

These bushings include keyless, quick disconnect, taper locking, and split taper types.

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