Accuenergy Power Meters

Accuenergy has become a leading edge research, design and manufacturing organization of power measurement meters and software for the distribution, control and management of electric energy and other dynamic processes.

Founded in 1998, Accuenergy is dedicated to providing the highest quality intelligent power measuring products and software. With operations in the United States, Canada and Asia, Accuenergy is an emerging global leader in power metering products.

AcuSysŪ software is a power distribution management solution for a wide range of facility & plant operations.  It offers data acquisition, alarm monitoring, power quality analysis and facility control.  It also helps you to manage intelligent power metering and control devices, gather and analyze data from multiple sources, and decide on new courses of action.  In short, the software facilitates energy savings in your power distribution system.

Features of the AcuSysŪ software are:
▪ Real Time Metering and Remote Reading
▪ Energy Bill Analysis and Power Demand
▪ Over Limit Alarm and Fault locate
▪ System and facility Status Monitoring
▪ Power Quality Analysis
▪ Remote Control
▪ Energy bill analysis
▪ Multi protocol access
▪ Maintenance on demand 

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