Leuze Scanner Introducing the new ROD4-3X, Leuze’s latest generation in
distance measuring and line profiling sensors.

·         Fast Data Transfer (115kB)

·         Improved Measuring Technique on glossy objects

·         Much Better Dust Suppression

·         Better Shock Resistance and Better Window Control

·         Config Plug

·         4 field mode and 8 field pairs


Leuze Scanner The new KRT 3B contrast scanner from Leuze has the
improved features of:

·         EasyTune can chance the switching point at any time

·         YellowBoost improve the detection properties in white-light scanner,
the beam is more powerful and therefore background lighting isn‘t required

·         Three types of Teach-In for optimized process integration

·         IO-Link is an industrial network, which allows multiple sensors to be
connected but allowing pin pointing of problems individually, which increases
overall system reliability

Introducing the Type 4 SF4C light curtain that combines high end performance
with an ultra-slim enclosure.
The LC100/120 series, with a 50x50x15mm compact housing, offers
advanced sensor functionality, available with safety class 1 or class
2 laser emission.


The M18-L series of laser sensors provides stable sensing for high-precision,
and long-range applications. More than 48 models to choose from.