Tension Controls

Contrex Tension Control
Contrex control products provide solutions for many applications including web wind/unwind, web tension, wire twisting, diameter control, continuous blending, wicket oven loading, rotary print/cut, pouch packaging, extrusion pullers and cut-to-length.

Lenze AC Tech
Lenze / AC Tech offers everything your need from low back-lash gearing, clutches and brakes, servo and induction motor control, HMI's and PLC's.

Nexen Tension Control
Nexen is a leading manufacturer of linear motion, rotary motion control and tension control systems for a variety of industrial applications for factory automation.

Magpowr Maxcess Tension Control
Magpowr engineers controls, sensors and torque devices for all types of tension control applications

Cleveland Motion Controls
CMC - Cleveland Motion Controls offers tension transducers, web tension load cell amplifiers, embedded load cell amplifiers and tension controllers.

Magne Brakes and Clutches

Magne The Magneclutch® Advantage provides complete control and makes equipment more controllable and stable, longer lasting and easier to maintain.

The Magnebrake® Advantage provides managed and regulated braking action to exploit the brake's varied capabilities for superior power transmission.

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