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SUNX Sensors

The complete line of self-contained and amplifier separated sensor solutions from SUNX are anything but basic.

SUNX offers some of the smallest photoelectric sensors in the world for unmatched simplicity and versatility. Advanced features are also available in our sensors such as background/foreground suppression which protect against unwanted detection.

SUNX CX-400  SUNX CX-400  Compact Photoelectric Sensor / SUNX CX-100 Downloads 

SUNX EX-30  SUNX EX-30  Threaded Miniature Photoelectric Sensor / SUNX EX-30 Downloads 

SUNX EX-20  SUNX EX-20  Ultra-compact Photoelectric Sensor / SUNX EX-20 Downloads 

SUNX EX-10  SUNX EX-10  Ultra-slim Photoelectric Sensor / SUNX EX-10 Downloads 

SUNX EQ-500  SUNX EQ-500  Adjustable Range & Fixed-focus Reflective Photoelectric Sensor / SUNX EQ-500 Downloads 

SUNX PM  SUNX PM  U-shaped Micro Photoelectric Sensor / SUNX PM Downloads 

SUNX PM2  SUNX PM2  Convergent Reflective Micro Photoelectric Sensor / SUNX PM2 Downloads 

SUNX CY  SUNX CY  Cylindrical Photoelectric Sensor / SUNX CY Downloads 

SUNX EX-F60  SUNX EX-F60/70   Leak Detection Sensor / SUNX EX-F60/70 Downloads 

SUNX EX-F1  SUNX EX-F1  Tube-Mountable Liquid Level Detection Sensor / SUNX EX-F1 Downloads

SUNX VF  SUNX VF  Terminal Connection Type Multi-voltage Photoelectric Sensor / SUNX VF Downloads 

SUNX NX5  SUNX NX5  Compact Multi-voltage Photoelectric Sensor / SUNX NX5 Downloads 

SUNX EQ-30  SUNX EQ-30  Adjustable Long Range & Fixed-focus Reflective Photoelectric Sensor / SUNX EQ-30 Downloads 

SUNX EZ-10  SUNX EZ-10  Water Detection Sensor / SUNX EZ-10 Downloads 
SUNX RT-610 SUNX RT-610  Robust U-shaped Photoelectric Sensor / SUNX RT-610 Downloads 

Legacy Products (Discontinued) - SUNX recommends one of their newer products listed above for the following products:

SUNX SU-7  SUNX SU-7  Slim Body Automatic Sensitivity Setting Photoelectric Sensor 

SUNX SSA5  SUNX SS-A5  Manually Sensitivity Set Photoelectric Sensor 

SUNX RX-LS200  SUNX RX-LS200  Adjustable Range & Fixed-focus Reflective Photoelectric Sensor SUNX RX  SUNX RX  Robust Photoelectric Sensor 

SUNX EX-40  SUNX EX-40  Convergent Reflective Photoelectric Sensor  

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