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SUNX Sensors
  When your application calls for the precision measurement of dimensions such as thickness, diameter, and height, SUNX has the solution.

Our high-quality laser displacement, inductive displacement, and collimated beam sensors provide high-speed and accurate measurement solutions. Explore the models listed below to find the best light curtain for your needs.


SUNX HL-C2  PANASONIC SUNX HL-C2  Ultra High-speed High-precision Laser Displacement Sensor / SUNX HL-C2 Downloads 

SUNX HL-T1  PANASONIC SUNX HL-T1  Ultra-compact Laser Collimated Beam Sensor / SUNX HL-T1 Downloads 

SUNX LA  PANASONIC SUNX LA  Laser Collimated Beam Sensor / SUNX LA Downloads 

SUNX LD  PANASONIC SUNX LD  Laser Type Edge Detection Sensor / SUNX LD Downloads 

SUNX GP-X  PANASONIC SUNX GP-X  High Speed, High Accuracy Inductive Displacement Sensor / SUNX GP-X Downloads 

SUNX LM10  PANASONIC SUNX LM10  Micro Laser Displacement Sensor / SUNX LM10 Downloads 

Legacy Products (Discontinued) - SUNX recommends one of their newer products listed above for the following products:

SUNX LH-50  SUNX LH-50  LED Type Optical Displacement Sensor

SUNX GP-A  SUNX GP-A  High Accuracy Inductive Displacement Sensor
SUNX LA-300  SUNX LA-300  LED Collimated Beam Sensor
SUNX HL-C1  SUNX HL-C1  Ultra High-speed Laser Displacement Sensor
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