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Panasonic   SUNX Sensors

Panasonic fiber optic sensors and sensor heads allow for stable detection in any application, even for use in hazardous environments. With over 180 fiber optic sensor heads to choose from., you are covered from every angle, whether you need long distance, a high-temperature rating, or if you are short on mounting space.

Over 180 fiber optic sensor heads available for various applications, accompanied with user-friendly amplifiers.

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PANASONIC SUNX FX-500 Digital Fiber Sensor 

PANASONIC SUNX FX-100 "Next Level" Digital Fiber Sensor

PANASONIC SUNX FX-410 Digital Fiber Sensor, simple and easy

PANASONIC SUNX FX-300 Digital Fiber Sensor 

PANASONIC SUNX FX-311 Manually Set Fiber Sensor
PANASONIC SUNX FX-11A Slim Body Analog Fiber Sensor 
PANASONIC SUNX FX2 High Speed LED Sensing Fiber Sensor


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