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Poised at the leading-edge of safety solutions worldwide, the new Omron STI a combination of STI safety knowledge and Omron global automation experience - focuses on making safety work for you.


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STI Safety Light Curtain  OMRON STI SAFETY LIGHT CURTAINS  From compact models designed for machine locations where space is tight, to larger, robust light curtains powerful enough to guard large perimeters. Omron STI offers you a choice, because when it comes to automation safeguarding, one size does not fit all.


STI Safety Mat  OMRON STI SAFETY MATS  An Omron STI Universal Safety Mat system (UM series safety mat combined with an MC3, MC4, or MC6) offers a simple method for guarding personnel around hazardous machines. A safety mat system offers freedom, flexibility, and reduced operator fatigue when compared with traditional guarding methods such as interlocked fences, pullback restraints or perimeter barriers. Full visibility of and access to the work area is maintained.


STI Safety Interlock Switches  OMRON STI SAFETY INTERLOCK SWITCHES  Designed to work together with hinged, sliding, or lift-off guards and barriers. When the guard is opened, the power supply to the machine is disconnected.


STI Laser Scanner  OMRON STI SAFETY LASER SCANNER  Intrusion indicators immediately identify where the safety zone is encroached.


STI Perimeter Access Guarding  OMRON STI PERIMETER ACCESS GUARDING  Single-Beam Devices, Multi-Beam Devices, and Accessories


STI Safety Contact Strips  OMRON STI SAFETY CONTACT STRIPS & BUMPERS  The safety edge or safety bumper are flexible strips which can be fixed to the edge of a moving part such as a machine table or powered door where there is a risk of a crushing or shearing hazard. If the moving part that includes the safety edge or bumper strikes operator (or vice versa) the flexible safety edge is depressed and will send a signal to the power source to stop.


STI Force Guided Relays  OMRON STI FORCE GUIDED RELAYS  Force-guided (or positively-guided) relays have contacts that are mechanically interlocked such that two contacts on the relays will not contradict each other, even in the event that the relay welds. Force-guided relays have contacts that are force-guided/mechanically linked conforming to IEC60947-1-1 as required for use in safety-related control systems.


STI Safety Relay  OMRON STI SAFETY MONITORING RELAYS  Control reliability is mandated in U.S. and European standards for safety implemented circuits. These criteria can be met by using redundant safety-rated device outputs in conjunction with a safety relay. Safety relays range in function from stop motion detection to 2 -hand palm button control, to dual channel input units with time-delayed outputs that provide conformity to ANSI B11.19, Section 5.1.  All safety relays carry the CE mark and are UL and C-UL listed.


STI Power Relays  OMRON STI POWER RELAYS with MIRROR CONTACTS  All materials used are compliant wit the RoHS Directive.


STI Two Hand Control  OMRON STI TWO-HAND CONTROL  TouchStart™ capacitive palm switches for two hand control applications actuate with a soft touch. No physical pressure is required, and they are sensitive enough to work even when an operator is wearing gloves.



OMRON STI PROCESS SAFEGUARDING  Note: The product line of process safeguarding products extends to hazardous locations, or flammable environments.


Sti SAFEGUARDING CUTTING & TURNING MACHINES  Whether you're operating a drill, lathe, milling machine or grinder, several safety issues must be considered. Omron STI Machine Services offers a wide range of safety products to suit your needs.


OMRON STI HYDRAULIC PRESS BRAKE GUARDING  LazerSafe - New LCD menu-driven operator interface panel with magnetic base provides for easy menu-driven programming, fast and easy setup, real-time operational mode status, password protection for supervisory control, and protective field status.
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