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Schmersal Safety Products

Schmersal offers the largest range of safety switching appliances and systems worldwide for the protection of human life and machines. You’ll find more than 25,000 products including safety switches, solenoid interlocks, emergency stop - switches, security sensors, safety mats with safety function, photoelectric light barriers and end switches, which include limit switches, position switches and micro switches.


Schmersal Safety SwitchSchmersal Safety Light CurtainSchmersal Safety Switch for Hinged Guards

HEAVY INDUSTRY APPLICATIONS: Schmersal has over seventy years’ experience in heavy industry as a manufacturer of high-grade switchgear. Today, Schmersal products are used for extreme operating conditions and wherever difficult applications exist.   

Mining / Construction Machines / Railways / Shipyards /Cranes

Hoists & Conveyors / Mixing Plants and Process Technology / Recycling

Energy Generation & Processing / Refineries & Offshore Technology

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