Magne Brakes and Clutches

The Magneclutch Advantage - The Magneclutch provides complete control because magnetic particle action makes torque output directly proportional to coil current, independent of slip speed. The Magneclutch makes equipment more controllable and stable, longer lasting and easier to maintain.

The Magnebrake Advantage - The Magnebrake provides complete control. Complete brake control means managed and regulated braking action to exploit the brake's varied capabilities for superior power transmission. Since Magnebrake action does not involve unstable friction, it provides many new quality advantages.


MAGNE UNREGULATED POWER SUPPLY - Model CBCU-10 is a low cost unit with high current capacity - 1.5 amps at 90 volts. The unit provides infinitely smooth current control from 0 to 1.5 amps.

MAGNE REGULATED CURRENT CLUTCH/BRAKE CONTROLLERS - The CBCR series produces a current in the Magneclutch or Magnebrake coil proportional to a 0 to 5V input signal. This is a regulated supply which cancels input voltage fluctuations and provides constant current to the clutch or brake. Exclusive features result in unmatched operational flexibility.

MAGNE SEKANTTM ULTRASONIC RANGE FINDER - The SEKANTTM measures distance and provides an output voltage proportional to the distance. Measuring any distance from six inches to six feet, the SEKANTTM defines the location of a moving target without contact with the target.

MAGNE ROLL FOLLOWER TENSION CONTROLLER - The Magne RTC series provides open loop control using a roll follower for input. The RTC precisely and automatically controls web tension.

MAGNE DANCER TENSION CONTROL SYSTEM - The Magne Corp. Dancer Tension Control, DTC, enhances the proven reliability and accurate torque of the Magneclutch and Magnebrake. The DTC regulates web tension in wind/unwind situations by monitoring dancer roll movements. The DTC is a closed loop system resulting in automatic operation.

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