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Hitachi X200 
Hitachi X200  Compact, full-featured new generation micro drive in contactor-style package. 
X200 Brochure and X200 Manual  

Hitachi L100M

Hitachi L100M Compact size micro drive with high level functionality. 
L100M Brochure and L100M Manual
Hitachi L200 
Hitachi L200 Compact full-featured micro drive with cutting-edge functions. 
L200 Brochure and L200 Manual 
Hitachi L300P 
Hitachi L300P Compact VFD for fan and pump applications.  
L300P Brochure and L300P Manual
Hitachi SJ200 
Hitachi SJ200 New Intelligent Sensor-less Vector Control No auto tuning required! 
SJ200 Brochure and SJ200 Manual
Hitachi SJ300 
Hitachi SJ300 Sensor-less Vector Control with built-in communications. 
SJ300 Brochure and SJ300 Manual
Hitachi SJ700 
Hitachi SJ700  Advanced Sensor-less Vector Control.  
SJ700 Brochure and SJ700 Manual  
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