Dover Flexo
 DOVER FLEXO ELECTRONICS (DFE), manufactures and supports web tension control, tension measurement and tension indication products for converters, process manufacturers and web printers worldwide. Their product line includes tension transducers, tension controllers, tension amplifiers & indicators, pneumatic brakes, and custom engineered solutions.
Dover Flexo Tension Control

Dover Flexo Tension Transducers (Load Cells) Dover tension transducers (some people refer to them as 'load cells') measure actual web tension in almost any moving web or filament. Transducers output an accurate, reliable signal to an indicator or controller. All Dover transducers have rugged stainless steel and aluminum construction for reliability and corrosion resistance.

Dover Flexo Tension Controllers Set your desired tension and the controller will maintain it. Easy-to-configure DFE controllers automatically compensate for variations in roll diameter, speed, and web material characteristics. Select an output mode for any tension zone.

Dover Flexo Tension Amplifiers & Indicators Dover Flexo Electronics offers a wide variety of tension indicators. All models are compatible with any type of DFE transducer and are used to measure actual tension and display it on an analog or digital meter. Additional voltage and current outputs, proportional to tension, can be used to interface with drive systems, controllers, computers, or recorders. These indicators can also be used as a reference to control tension manually. Options are available to customize any indicator to fit special requirements.
Dover Flexo Pneumatic Brakes All pneumatic brakes feature a limited travel piston that never scratches the disk, ductile iron disk construction, and expanded disk surface for rapid heat dissipation. Our asbestos-free friction pads are available in several coefficients of friction. No tools are required to change the friction pads, making brake maintenance quick and "hassle free".
Dover Flexo Aluminum Idler Rolls  If you’re planning to install shaft-end transducers at a new position in your machine’s web path, maybe you’d like to save time and trouble by ordering a dead-shaft idler roll for the installation at the same time. These precision-machined rolls are manufactured to the highest quality and can be used solo on your press or web machinery or with any stationary shaft.

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